Surf Camps Website

We began writing this website to serve as a place with cool information about Surf Camps, Surf Schools and general information on the internet for people to find stuff out about surfing.


Hello World! We began writing this website to serve as a place with cool information about Surf Camps, Surf Schools and general information on the internet for people to find stuff out about surfing.


Why Surf Camps?

Surf Camps are one of the most affordable and fun ways to have a surfing holiday. Owing to the fact that the accommodation is usually a pop-up camp retreat or lodge nestled in a wooded area just off of the beach it has a really atmospheric feel to it. Surf camps tend to then have a synergy that bond surfers and the Earth even more so!

Even better – stupidly cheap surf camp packages show up everywhere now: Europe, USA, Asia and more elsewhere. It’s ideal if you’re looking to spend 100% of your holiday catching waves but the best surf camps surfers choose to go to have a good mix of the best surf and the best base to unwind and relax after a day catching waves. Some surf camps and surf schools offer wooden-built shacks, typically of the French surf camps hugging the Atlantic coastline. Surfers at these surf camps often tend to find themselves losing count of the days… the days that tend to cost no around ¬£33 just for the experience!

The surf camps at these retreats are run by fellow surfers that love the lifestyle. Alongside the surf camps they tend to run surf schools and social events for those staying. Surf schools will offer surfers of each level the opportunity to up their game in the water and raise the bar.  Social events can be as crazy or relaxed as the group or surf camp dictates! From volleyball tournaments, to drinking games to karaoke nights. There is a great variety of stuff on off for when you are not out on the water.


Why Surf Schools?

Surf Schools are the doorway to surfing. All the pro’s have been in surf schools since they were kids, but surf schools are for anyone. Whether you’re an expert looking to improve your shredding techniques or you’re back out on the waves after a couple of years rest.

Most surf schools start beginners off easy. Beginners start on what are called ‘foamies’ which are a type of surf board much more elongate and thick. Foamies make it easier for learner surfers taking surf lessons to ‘pop-up’ with ease and learn to gauge their balance. Surf schools groups for beginners tend to be about 8-12 people in size. The instructors don’t often let the group go to far into the sea where the rip-tide is a risk of taking people out into the ocean.

Surf schools will start people on learning to body board into the coastline from the sea. It’s a pretty fun and easy way to learn how to distribute your balance and weight on the board. Soon after you’ve mastered that and got some confidence, the trick will be learning how to pop up! The key to doing this is not too jump up, but move fluidly on the board. Bringing your knees up to your chest, maintaining a central stance over the surf board as you place your feet and then raising your body – all whilst keeping your head facing the direction that you want the surf board to go!

That being said, learning to surf is one of the most fun experiences any surfer will have and once it’s mastered, there’s so much more that can be built on to that foundation that will help you progress.

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